Saturday, November 20, 2010

Additions to this blog

I've made some design changes - added pages - to the blog.  So far I have made a page to showcase my niece Jaclyn Kate & a page offering some of the products you can find shopping at Eye Catching Beauty.. I have also moved the slideshow to its own page

About Hand Picked Lists

Originally I created this blog to showcase the hand picked lists I created that were selected for the Bonanzle homepage & to explain the process of making a list on Bonanzle. However, there is no longer a Bonanzle, so I guess this is now an archive of my hand picked lists.
It's also a view of Bonanzle for those of us that were so involved and appreciative of the Bonanzle design.
Enjoy, and of course items like these and much more are still available from the sellers that used Bonanzle, but both the sellers and their products have been relocated to "bonanza"